A step-by-step program to RECHARGE your body and adopt 'Almost Raw' Vegan eats for LIFE!

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WINTER Session (10-Day DETOX + 21-Day RECHARGE)
Early Bird Discount Opens January 3, 2018
Early Bird Discount Ends January 5, 2018
Registration End Date January 10, 2018
10-Day DETOX Program Dates January 12-21, 2018
21-Day RECHARGE Program Dates January 22-February 11, 2018

Are you TIRED of feeling like CRAP?

Are you ready to wake up REFRESHED, ready to LOSE WEIGHT without struggle, and to see your SKIN GLOW?

Are you looking to BOOST your ENERGY dramatically & HEAL your body?

Are you ready to REDUCE
gas & bloating, ELIMINATE brain fog?


The 21-DAY Raw Food RECHARGE Program has got you covered!

Transform to 'Almost Raw' Vegan for LIFE!


  • How to become 'Almost Raw' Vegan for LIFE
  • How to DITCH Gluten, Dairy & Processed Junk Food
  • How to create DELICIOUS 'Almost Raw' Vegan, Plant-Based & Wholefood MEALS with minimal ingredients
  • How to read food labels: What to look for and what to avoid
  • How to identify food allergies & sensitivities without expensive testing
  • Which foods trigger common symptoms that you might be experiencing
  • How to KICK the Diet Mentality and eat for optimal health
  • How to live with NO MORE CALORIE COUNTING


  • 21-Day Raw Food Recharge Program
  • Shopping Lists
  • 60+ Recipe
  • 14-day Suggested Meal Plan Options
  • Meal Planning tools & shopping list templates so you can create to create your own meal plans after the RECHARGE
  • Lifetime access



“I completed the Raw Food Recharge last Saturday and weighed in again today. After 4 weeks of eating this way I have lost 18 pounds and my blood pressure has gone from 130/90 to 117/73 as of yesterday! This has been a great change in my life and I look forward to continuing on for life with you! ”


“I am happy to say that I stuck with the program the whole 21 days. I still need to work on a lot of skills in the kitchen, but I am getting better. Before this, I ate out every day. I lost 16 pounds during this 21 days, and I can feel a difference in my joints too! Thank you for creating this challenge.”


Well I will have to say that this life change has changed my life. When I started this challenge, I weighed 291 and this morning I weighed in at 258. Thank you all for your continued support. I drink a gallon or more of water a day and with eating right, I feel great. I still have a few more pounds to go before I hit my goal, but I see the results.”



The 21-DAY Raw Food RECHARGE is DESIGNED with YOU in mind!


  • the mom that wants to make healthier choices for her family (but has no idea where to start)
  • the yo-yo dieter that is tired of counting calories, carbs & feeling deprived
  • the person who is tired of feeling exhausted all the time and lacking energy to get anything done
  • the person who is having health issues and really wants to change their eating habits to a plant-based, almost raw vegan whole foods approach to improve their overall health & wellness


Chocolate Hazelnut Protein Bowl

In the 21-Day Raw Food RECHARGE, I cut through all of the confusion and show you how to prepare, eat, and ENJOY REAL FOOD.

I guide you to eat 'Almost Raw' Vegan for 21 days, because my approach will sky-rocket your energy, improve your health & wellness and help you lose weight.

I want you to look & feel YOUR best!

But I don't just tell you want to do, I also teach you how to do your own meal planning so you can continue on this path long after our program is complete.

I want you to succeed and get Healthy, Happy & Vibrant for LIFE!




TAKE a LOOK at the 21-Day Raw Food RECHARGE TOOLKIT!

All Program Material
+ 4 BONUS Guides!

(Total Value $374)


The 21-Day Raw Food Recharge Program is a super easy read and explains in layman's terms exactly how the 21-Day program works. You'll get the details on how to be almost raw, why you want to be almost raw, what you'll be eating, time saving tips, money saving tips, how to read labels, how to remove gluten and so much more! You'll want to dive into this 31-page guide as soon as you register!

FOOD Guide

You will LOVE our Food Guide. It includes 57 pages packed full of easy to follow instructions for each and every day of the 21 days. You'll find easy peasy Day-by-Day direction including 60+ recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner & sweets! You'll love the daily meal preparation checklist AND the daily notes & journal sections! This guide includes all the details you need to succeed for the full 3 weeks of the program.


The Shopping Guide gives you the inside scoop on what food items you need, which items are optional, where to shop and how to find certain items. From produce to greens, to berries, to speciality items this 11 page guide outlines the essentials to ensure you are fully equipped to succeed.


By joining the 21-DAY RAW FOOD RECHARGE program you’ll also get access to these 4 amazing BONUS Guides!

Bonus #1
Meal Plan for
Week 1 & 2

You will love the the convenience of these meal plans for Week 1 & Week 2. At a glance you will see what your week looks like and it will help you to stay organized and prepared for each day of the program. The recipes for the meal plan are selected from the 21-Day Raw Food RECHARGE 60+ recipes shared in the Food Guide.

Bonus #2
Meal Plan Template
for Week 3+

To ensure you are well positioned to continue even after the 21 days, in week 3 we teach you and give you the tools so you can create your own weekly meal plans complete with shopping list. You'll receive as a BONUS this Meal Plan template allowing you to identify the ingredients needed based on the meals you selected from the 60+ recipes or others from AlmostRawVegan.com.

Bonus #3
Shopping List for
Week 1 & Week 2

You will love the convenience of these shopping lists. We provide your weekly shopping list for Week 1 & Week 2. The shopping lists itemize everything you need to buy, listed in a number of different categories, to ensure you have all the goodies on hand to enjoy Almost Raw Vegan RECHARGE recipes for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

Bonus #4
Shopping List Template
for Week 3+

Just like we did with the meal plan, to ensure you are well positioned to continue even after the 21 days, in week 3 we teach you and give you the tools so you can create your own weekly meal plans complete with shopping list. You'll receive as a BONUS this Shopping List template allowing you to identify the ingredients needed based on the meals you selected from the 60+ recipes or others from AlmostRawVegan.com.


Full Program PLUS+
+ 30 minutes Private One-on-One Session with Catherine!
(Total Value $534)

VIP BONUS #1: Meal Planning Made Easy ($35 value)

The Meal Planning Made Easy Guide will show you how to make your weekly meal preparation super easy & organized.

You’re busy, busy, busy and the thought of having to plan out meals may feel like just one more chore to add to your already long list of things to do. I know!

To be honest, it has not always been my all-time favourite thing to do either. But if you are serious about getting and staying health and energized, being organized & planning your meals is a MUST-DO!

I use to dread meal planning, but now I love it! You'll get the scoop on my easy planning tips. I take the THINK out of planning so you ultimately save TIME. Save MONEY. Consume fewer less-desirable CALORIES. And, feel less STRESS.

VIP BONUS #2: Almost Raw Vegan 3-Day Green Smoothie CLEANSE eGuide ($47 value)

The ARV 3-Day Green Smoothie CLEANSE eGuide is an 88-Page eGuide that gives you all the insight, tips, tricks, recipes, meal plans & more - all you need to refresh and energize your body with 100% plant-based whole food green smoothies. With this Guide you'll discover the ins and outs of green smoothies, the ingredients, how to make them PLUS two menu options (beginner & advanced) as well as a 3-Day Pre & Post Cleanse Meal Plan. I myself, like to do a Green Smoothie Cleanse a few times a year, and follow the plan to bring balance to my body (I do this whether I feel I need it or not, as it's just a great cleansing practice to follow to proactively refresh your body).

VIP BONUS #3: Invigorating Green Smoothies ($28 value)

The Invigorating Green Smoothie Recipes is a 68-Page eGuide that provide a wealth of information about green smoothies from how to prepare & store these super nutritious whole food plant-based GEMS! Of the 50+ recipes you'll find beginner recipes (higher fruit content), green fruit recipes (a little more green), green green recipes (super green means more energizing and healthiest option), plus some savoury recipes (also super healthy and a delicious alternative to fruit based smoothies). This Recipe guide is the perfect companion for the 3-Day Green Smoothie CLEANSE offering more options for your cleanses, as well any of these smoothie recipes can also be used to replace any of the breakfast recipes in the 10-Day Body Reset Detox or the 21-Day Raw Food Recharge.


Full Program PLUS+ Package
PLUS 2 hours of One-on-One Sessions with Catherine!
(Total Value $942)

OPTIONAL VIP BONUS UPGRADE: 5 Private One-on-One Sessions with Catherine (value $250)

If you are looking for added support & guidance you may choose to include this OPTIONAL ADD ON that includes 5 VIP Private One-on-One Sessions with me, Catherine so that we can work together by phone or video conference.

These sessions are designed for YOU, so that I can personally guide and support YOU during the 21-Day Raw Food RECHARGE.

You will receive 5 x 30 minute sessions, for a total of 2.5 hours private one-on-one support.

You can choose to take your sessions by phone or video using phone, FaceTime or Zoom/Google Hangouts. You will specify your preference when you schedule your session.

Here's how it works:

Session 1 - Orientation Session

During the 21-Day RECHARGE Orientation session we will focus on the steps you need to take to get organized, stock your kitchen & prepared for the start of the program. You'll be able to share your questions when you schedule your session.

Session 2 - Week 1

During the 21-Day RECHARGE Week 1 session we will focus our discussion on the 1st Week of the program, and also discuss any questions and/or concerns you may have. You will have opportunity to share your questions when you schedule your session.

Session 3 - Week 2

During the 21-Day RECHARGE Week 2 session we will focus our discussion on the 2nd Week of the program, and also discuss any questions and/or concerns you may have. You'll be able to share your questions when you schedule your session.

Session 4 - Week 3

During the 21-Day RECHARGE Week 3 session we will focus our discussion on the 3rd Week of the program, and also discuss any questions and/or concerns you may have. You'll be able to share your questions when you schedule your session.

Session 5 - After the Program

After the 21-Day RECHARGE is complete we will focus our discussion how to position you for success AFTER the 21-days, and also discuss any questions and/or concerns you may have. You'll be able to share your questions in advance when you schedule your session.

NOTE: The Optional VIP BONUS Upgrade will be offered as an OPTIONAL UPGRADE immediately after your purchase of the 21-Day Raw Food RECHARGE Program, at which time you will be given the option to upgrade your purchase to include the 5-session one-on-one personal support from me. Woohoo! I sure hope you do, I'd LOVE to work with you and guide you along your journey to success!


Chocolate Mousse

Hi there, I’m Catherine & I'm your instructor.

I teach online courses from my Virtual eLearning Kitchen to those who are looking to improve their health & wellness, feel more energized, improve their mood, their complexion and simply get vibrant for life!

I had her own health challenges and I resolved them all by developing & adopting my 'Almost Raw' Vegan approach! Eating 'Almost Raw' Vegan changed my life forever!

Since then, I have helped hundreds of thousands to also reap the benefits of improved health & wellness by following my 'Almost Raw' Vegan approach.

Grab a green smoothie & come join me in her Virtual eLearning Kitchen and learn how to make delicious & easy 'Almost Raw' Vegan recipes & meal plans!

Whether you are new to 'Almost Raw' Vegan or looking to rekindle/refresh your knowledge, the 21-Day Raw Food RECHARGE will become the online course that changes everything for you!


Banana Nice Cream

Limited time only!

Registration for the WINTER session is only open for a short time and then we close it down so we can prep and start the program. The next 10-Day Body Reset DETOX & 21-Day Raw Food RECHARGE group session won’t be available again until later in the year, so if you want to reset & recharge your body and learn how to get rid of the cravings & adopt the 'almost raw' vegan way to health —the time is now. And remember, you have lifetime access to the program so if you can’t finish it now, you can start whenever the time is right for you.

So, are you ready to look & feel your BEST? Are you ready to feel better in all that you do—at home, at work, with family & friends? Are you ready to be the best YOU that you can be?

Registration opens January 3, 2018



Winter Session Schedule Overview

Early Bird Registration Opens January 3, 2018
Early Bird Registration Ends January 5, 2018
Regular Registration Closes January 10, 2018
(closes 11:59 pm Eastern Time)

Orientation: Begins as soon as you purchase

10-Day DETOX Dates: January 12-21, 2018
21-Day RECHARGE Dates: January 22-February 11, 2018


This has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! From the emotional changes it’s made on me to the physical. And how it has made me stop and check labels that I used to never look at. My mood swings have stopped, I have more energy, the constant throbbing and swollen feet are gone.


Frequently Asked Questions

When Does the RECHARGE start?
The 21-Day Almost Raw Vegan RECHARGE program starts as soon as you register, you will get immediate access to all material (14 PDFs including the Program Guide, Recipe & Food Guide, Meal Plans, Shopping Lists and much more.) You can start at a time that is right for you, and you can repeat the program as often as you like.
How do I redeem my bonuses?
Great question! Your bonuses material is automatically given to you when you register, so after you register and pay, you will get immediate access to all material including the bonuses.
Who is the 21-Day Raw Food Recharge for?
The 21-Day Raw Food RECHARGE is for anyone looking to reset and recharge their body, adopt 'almost raw' vegan for LIFE so they can feel more energized & lose weight.  It’s a great program for those who are serious about adopting 'almost raw' vegan plant-based eating, the program is 100% 'almost raw' vegan, plant-based, whole foods with delicious recipes the whole family will love.  The RECHARGE will improves your health & wellness by energizing and recharging your body. The 'almost raw' vegan meals are all 100% plant-based, whole foods and there is a high raw content. You'll receive all recipes, meal plans, shopping lists combined in an easy to follow, step-by-step program that will help you adopt lifetime habits. The 21-Day Raw Food RECHARGE is not for anyone expecting quick results with restricted foods or restricted diet. The program includes 100% whole foods, plant-based recipes that the whole family will enjoy and ensures your body is nourished with good old fashioned unprocessed wholesome foods.
What format is the program content delivered in?
Great question! The program materials are shared in PDF downloadable ebooks, recipes, meal plans, cheatsheets & checklists. There are no videos in this program.
Do the RECHARGE participants meet at a certain time? Does it matter what part of the world I’m in?
The RECHARGE is virtual and on-line so you can take it at any time of day, and from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access! Note: the RECHARGE is available from around the globe, the materials are only available in English.
If I don't buy now, can I buy later?
The 21-Day Raw Food RECHARGE is currently open for registration, but I'm always looking for ways to improve my programs so they are more effective for you. So chances are this program will be refreshed and renewed, as I always like to collect feedback and improve/evolve my online programs, as I improve my programs the price is also adjusted as I make improvements. The good news, if you buy now you get lifetime access so if I do refresh/renew for a future offerings you will automatically get all of the new updates & content and at no additional charge.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? Register for the 21-Day Raw Food RECHARGE once and you'll have lifetime and unlimited access to the program materials for as long as you like. As well, the 21-Day RECHARGE will be continuously updated with any downloadable PDFs. You receive all future updates, no additional charge.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 7 days after you register and we will give you a full refund for our paid programs. Free programs are not refundable, but you probably knew that already :-) that said, paid or free if you are unhappy with the program I would very much like to hear from you, after all these programs are for YOU, so if they are not working for you I'd like to know so that I can use your feedback when I redesign or create new courses.
I have more questions, how can I reach you?
I'm happy to help! You can reach me by email at [email protected]

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